framebuffer pixelflut server in C
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framebuffer pixelflut server in C.


  • compile with make
  • make sure you have read/write access to the framebuffer (ie put yourself in the video group)
  • go in something that wont fight you for the framebuffer, ie a tty
  • do ./fbflut (or ./fbflut <port>)
  • connect with netcat or something, the default port is 1234


  • this writes directly to your framebuffer, which might not use (aa)rrggbb (bbggrraa is somewhat common). if you have alpha trailing at the end, uncomment lines 42 and 43 to allow omitting it in PX commands
  • fbflut does not store its own buffer, the canvas is entirely stored in the framebuffer, so be weary of other programs writing to it as thats the only copy