Source code for the Extras plugin on the Kaboom server
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Extras is a Bukkit plugin that that adds extra functionality to the Kaboom server.


Command Aliases Permission Description
/broadcastrainbow /bcr extras.broadcastrainbow Broadcasts a rainbow message
/broadcastminimessage /broadcastmm, /bcmm extras.broadcastminimessage Broadcasts a deserialized MiniMessage component
/broadcastraw /bcraw, /tellraw extras.broadcastraw Broadcasts raw text to the server
/broadcastvanilla /bcv extras.broadcastvanilla Broadcasts text in vanilla style
/clearchat /cc extras.clearchat Clears messages from the chat
/console extras.console Broadcasts a message as the console
/destroyentities /de extras.destroyentities Destroys all entities in every world
/enchantall extras.enchantall Adds every enchantment to a held item
/getjson /gj extras.getjson Gets the JSON of a deserialized legacy component
/getjsonmm /gmm extras.getjsonmm Gets the JSON of a deserialized MiniMessage component
/jumpscare /scare extras.jumpscare Scares a player
/kaboom extras.kaboom I wonder...
/ping /ms, /delay Gets your ping
/prefix /rank, /tag extras.prefix Changes your tag
/pumpkin extras.pumpkin Places a pumpkin on a player's head
/serverinfo /specs extras.serverinfo Shows detailed server information
/skin Changes your skin
/spawn extras.spawn Teleports you to spawn
/spidey extras.spidey Annoying little spider...
/username extras.username Changes your username on the server


Use Maven to compile the plugin.

mvn package

The generated .jar file will be located in the target/ folder.