A server modification for the TotalFreedom server.
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TotalFreedomMod Build Status

TotalFreedomMod is a CraftBukkit server plugin designed primarily to support the Official TotalFreedom Minecraft Server. However, you are more than welcome to adapt the source for your own server.

This plugin was originally coded by StevenLawson (Madgeek1450), with Jerom van der Sar (Prozza) becoming heavily involved in its development some time later. It consists of over 85 custom coded commands and a large variety of distinguishable features not included in any other plugin. The plugin has since its beginning grown immensely. Together, with the main TotalFreedom server, TotalFreedomMod has a long-standing reputation of effectiveness whilst maintaining a clear feeling of openness towards the administrators and the players themselves. TotalFreedomMod was forked to a new repository called TFPatches for faster development. The repository was renamed to TotalFreedomMC, which you are on now. When Wild1145 took ownership of TotalFreedom, it was further forked into a new organization, AtlasMediaGroup. This version still continues to receive updates, with some being backported from AtlasMediaGroup.


Please see CONTRIBUTING.md if you are interested in developing TotalFreedomMod.

For information on how TotalFreedomMod is licensed, please see LICENSE.md.


You need Gradle to build. You'd also need to set the JDK version to Java 17 as that is the current standard as of now.